5 Natural and Simple Ways to have Great Bowel Movements

To have eminent bowel movements is substantial to our health. People with chronic constipation are more likely to have other disorders which are the outcomes of constipation. So, constipation is really a great big headache and painful feeling to most people, and some of those people who have constipation might have to take medicine. However, everyone comprehends that the medicine isn’t the best solutions. There are many home remedies that might be helpful. But, I would love to lead you 5 simple and natural methods on how to get rid of constipation fast. And here we go.

Drink Enough Water

After eating, the food you swallow would move through the stomach, the small intestine, and the colon. And the water helps the food pass more easily. As we know, to maintain our body healthy, eight glasses water a day is necessary. It’s said that people who consumed more water less sustain from constipation.

Natural Laxative Tea

Different from the oral laxatives that would do harm to your health, the natural laxative tea could heal you in a more gentle way. And the herbal laxative tea could be a joining of different vitamins and herbs. And here are some supplements that would help you a little, for example, senna leaf, ginger, cinnamon, and orange peel.

Laxative Tea
Example of Laxative Tea

Fresh and High-Fiber Food

When it comes to fresh and high-fiber food, there are various fruits come to my mind. It’s well-known that fruits can support with the better bowel movement surely. And it’s because the fiber in the fruits could assist your intestine system running smoothly. Aside from the fruits, you should concentrate on the foods that are rich in fiber.

Foods to aid bowel movement

High Fiber Fruits
High Fiber Fruits
High Fiber Food
High Fiber Food


To solve chronic constipation, if consuming the high-fiber food doesn’t achieve well, the exercising is another method to go. There is no need to have the exercise that is too much and too strenuous. All you need to practice is walking more than thirty minutes each day. And the search demonstrates that this works effectively to most people.

The Right Toilet Posture

I have to emphasize that most of us don’t poo in the proper way. Do you find out that utilizing a squat toilet is better than a flush toilet? As using the flush toilet, we regularly sit on the toilet, which is not the right toilet position, but the flush toilet is much relax anyway. Don’t worry. There is the bathroom toilet stool for people who only have the flush the toilet at home.

Right Toilet Posture
Right Toilet Posture


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