Swirling Vortex Flat Walls

Artist Turns Flat Walls Into A moving Vortex that may Trick Your Brain

Have you ever seen a moving vortex flat walls before? Artists love to mesmerize people with mind-bending optical illusions and Austrian Peter Kogler is a master of it. His 30-year career has seen him use the power of computer generated media. His work merges between art displays that turn into a step in virtual reality….

Wonderful sunset

Wonderful sunset shot

This is rare wonderful sunset scene. The sunset is between three palm tree creating a heart shape.

Beauty tips every girl should know

Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Every girl seeks gorgeous hair, soft dewy skin and flawless makeup. However, with increasing stressful lifestyle, environmental hazards and insufficient sleep, this seems an obscure dream. Fret not! We bring you simple beauty tips which will be your go-to beauty method once you implement them. While quick dry nail polishes are everywhere, if you do…

Benfits of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter! What are the benefits?

Cocoa butter has many important health advantages that you might not notice about. It can help manage your hair, moisturize your skin, and it’s an outstanding origin of antioxidants. It’s one of the most stable fats cognized, a property that, coupled with natural antioxidants, interrupts rancidity, providing it a storage life of two to five…

Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

How to Choose a Flower Tattoo Design

Flowers grow freely everywhere in the world for all to see. It is no wonder that flower tattoos have been worn for approximately since the art of tattoo has existed. The rich innovation of modern America, connected with great technological advances in tattoo outfit totally seems to further fortify our love for Flowers. Most of…

Hasma Tatoo

Hamsa Tattoo “The cultural and religious beliefs”

The Hamsa tattoo is beautifully rich in view and covers cultural and traditional values. The style of the tattoo delineates a hand with a symbol on the palm, which is frequently an eye, and can represent confidence, bravery, or protection. The Hamsa design has religious idea in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Even though it is…

Unique Roman Numeral Tattoos

How to Get Unique Roman Numerals Tattoos

Back to history of Vertical Roman Numerals Tattoos The Roman Empire put to use tattooing as a routine of labeling slaves and criminals as a form of punishment. When Christianity spread, slavery and the utilization of tattoos on them finished gradually. A number of them still had them on. Younger generations appreciated these tattoos and…

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

Who is the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2016?

There are several contenders at the instant including Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai and many others have been given this title recently. However, the question continues. A quick search on Google for ‘world’s most beautiful woman’ returns over twenty million results. With various articles on the subject in which authors name their favorites, or cite poll…

How to get healthy looking skin

How to get healthy looking skin

My top tip before I get to my top tips is that to have healthy looking skin, you guessed it, you gotta be a little bit healthy. Now you don’t have to be slave to the gym, you don’t have to monitor everything you eat but just know that an over a healthy diet can…

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