Carrie Fisher’s most memorable moments

#8. Fisher spoke to Rolling Stones magazine in 1983 explaining her famous character.

“She has no friends, no family; her planet was blown up in seconds – along with her hairdresser – so all she has is a cause,” she said.Famous charactor in star wars

#9. “Lucas always had to remind me to ‘Stand up! Be a princess!’ And I would act like a Jewish princess and lean forward, slouching, chewing gum,” she joked.

“From the first film [A New Hope], she was just a soldier, front line, and center. The only way they knew to make the character strong was to make her angry. In Return of the Jedi, she gets to be more feminine, more supportive, more affectionate,” she explained her character’s transition. “But let’s not forget that these movies are basically boys’ fantasies. So the other way they made her more female in this one was to have her take off her clothes.”Carrie fisher in new hope film

#10. In November 2016, Fisher revealed she lived through a three-month romance with Harrison Ford while filming the first film.

She was 19 years old and he was 33, married with two kids. “It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend,” she remembered.Carrie fisher with harrison ford

#11. “I was so inexperienced but I trusted something about him. He was kind,” she said of the relationship.

Fisher’s goofy side coming out as she hides in a trash can on the backlot set of the Star Wars.Carrie fisher in a trash

#12. Despite Star Wars being her biggest roles as an actor, Fisher didn’t see that as a negative.

“Oh, no. It was fun! I was young. People want it to be a problem for me. No. Those are great movies. Why shouldn’t I be proud of being in that?” she said.Carrie fisher in old photo sexy

#13. She married singer Paul Simon on August 16, 1983.

The couple dated on and off since 1977. They would divorce 11 months after their marriage. She was also engaged to actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd in 1980.Carrie fisher with Paul Simon

#14. Fisher began smoking marijuana when she was only 13 years old.

She admitted to moving to cocaine, LSD, and painkillers.Carrie fisher beautiful young lady

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