Driverless cars: A Future Reality

Have you ever heard about Driverless Car?

Driverless cars – a future reality.

Look babe, I can drive without contact with the steering wheel!

Sounds like the person is either boasting about his driving abilities or it is a science invention world where cars drive themselves!!! This very hard to believe fact is precise the forecast of the automobile industry that has been stagnant in technological advances since the past 130 years. The fundamental commercial, social and environmental impacts that this technology is set to offer will change the way we see the automobile industry.

The earliest autonomous systems, which are able to control steering, braking, and accelerating, have once started emerging in cars. These systems do require drivers to keep an eye on the road and hands on the wheel. However, the near invention, like BMW’s self-driving prototype, we expect these availability in less than a decade and must free drivers to work, text, or just relax while in the driver’s seat.

Automobile giants like Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, and Audi have totally shown off cars that can drive themselves, and they have all stated that in a decade they are going to sell some form of advanced automated cars that will be able to take over driving on highways or to place themselves in a garage.

Google, meanwhile, is investing millions in autonomous driving software, and its driverless cars have turned a confidential sight on the highways around Silicon Valley over the last many years.

Driverless car view from inside
Driverless car features

What can a Driverless Car help you in daily life?

One of the principle objectives in back of developing such a technology is to reduce road accidents and traffic congestion. If we mean of it, we humans truly make terrible drivers. We lack clarity in making judgement calls. And as a consequence run into trees or traffic lights and another vehicle on street.

Sometimes medical conditions like blind spots, seizures, heart attacks or just leg cramps as well induce to accidents. Not to mention, reckless drivers and people who fiddle with their phones, maps or GPS during traveling are responsible for significant number of hit and run cases.

If a smart automated software system can determine accurate and timely driving decisions on our behalf, we can avoid running into such story lines. The software which self-driving cars uses is smart enough to detect the wait time at traffic signals and also on road stops which would diminish trivial traffic congestion on busy streets. Hence, the traffic system can operate in a guided and systematic way by accomplishing such technology.

Moreover, since we now don’t have to worry about driving. We might concentrate on other jobs like making important phone calls, conducting work, surfing the web. Or just catching up on some sleep during travel.

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Driverless car view from inside
Driverless car view from inside (Photo Credit)

What do people feel about Driverless Car?

Many of us, however, don’t feel comfortable with this idea. The idea of handing over our lives in the holds of a pre-programmed computer software system. There are some ethical issues that are of concern in difficult situations.

By way of illustration, your self-driving car conceives that it can either divert itself in a manner. The way that will murder you and save, recite, a busload of kids; or it might plow on and save you, but the kids all die. What must we program it to behave? Here is a distinct mode of thinking about this problem. If you needed to plan a car that intentionally murdered its driver under particular situations. How would you make certain that the driver never changed its programming. So that they might be convinced that their possessions would never intentionally murder them?

Subsequently such matters don’t really have a straightforward solution, there is no sufficient means of handling such issues yet. Regardless, of whatever clarification they come up with, safety of such software will always continue a concerning issue surrounding the authorities. As there will be always be a warning of somebody hacking into the system then re-programming the rules.

Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages and self-driving cars are no distinct in this aspect. However, if the advantages outnumber the disadvantages. Then the technology can precisely be just useful to us and its flaws can be improved over time.

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