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Soundcloud is a service that was established in August 2007 by Swedish sound designer Ljung and Swedish artist Wahlforss. This service allow musicians to share recordings with each other, publish and  distribute their music tracks. Since August 2014, SoundCloud started to further monetize the service through a new partner program known as “On SoundCloud“, which allows “premier” partners to monetize their content through advertising units, including pre-roll audio ads, sponsorship of channels, mobile display ads, and native content. Following are some tips that will help you get free Soundcloud plays.

Method 1:  Use Social Exchange Website

This method need more times and need your patient, but you can get naturally increase soundcloud plays free. You need to earn points by viewing, cliking, liking or commenting other’s website, youtube video, social page and then spend those points to get traffic to you soundcloud track or you social media pages or your website. you also can use their affiliate program to earn point for promoting your soundcloud track.

#1. KingdomsLikes

KingdomsLikes is an exchange website of social media, so all the users of KingdomLikes will listen all your music and you will listen the songs of others users. This guarantees that all the plays , followers or likes that you archive on KingdomLikes will be from real persons. Also all the plays that you get are of strong purpose. KingdomLikes is completely free, but if you want you can buy SoundCloud plays also.

In order to use this service you need to register and activate your account. After you login to your account, go to “Add page” to add your music by choosing “SoundCloud plays” as Type, and set to be PUBLIC, and input the URL of the song that you want to get more play in SoundCloud in “Video URL“. After this you need to set your CPC (Cost Per Click) is the cost in “Points” of any play that you get on your song, I mean if you put 10, each play that you get will cost 10 of your points. If the CPC is higher, you will get the plays more instantly and the retention of the view will be higher.

Kingdoms Like Soundcloud form

If all the litigation was successful, your site will be added like in the picture below.

KingdomsLike Soundcoud track added
Then you only have to wait a few moments to gain more views on YouTube and you need  to have enough Points to get all the views than you want on your best YouTube views.
You can get Points by two ways.

#1. You can get Points for free by the following steps:

  1. Choose any social network in the lateral bar(Twitter Followers, Instagram Followers, Youtube Likes, etc)
  2. Press on the button(Like) to open the pop up
  3. Like the Facebook Page or Instagram Picture or Likes, etc.
  4. Close the pop up.Then the points will be added. And you can get all than you want repeating this process.

KingdomsLike FB page

#2. You can also buy Points, in the option “Buy Points” is an excellent and secure way to buy soundcloud plays, because all their plays are from real people and you get it in a very natural way also without spam than the auto likes cause.

Kingdsoms Like payment option

#2. Like4Like

Like4Like is another social media exchange similar to KingdomLikes. Here you need to create an account or you can use your Facebook account to get use of  their services.  Not only SoundCloud, you also can use for free Facebook Like, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, google + and many more. However, they do not sell likes, subscribes, friends, followers, views, hits, circles and shares.

Like4like exchange plays

#3. Soundcloud Followers

Soundcloud followers as its name is a ‘follow gateways’ that enable you to get followers on soundcloud in exchange for a free download of your song(s). This service is free and plans to stay that way! You can register a free account and get a 5000 free soundcloud plays for first time. See the video below:

#4. AddMeFast

AddMeFast. You can get free point by liking/following others’ pages/profiles and etc. You can get boundless points and promote unlimited accounts and not spending even a single cent. Basically it means you are doing FREE Exchange. They also provide Daily Bonus Points  for Daily Active User (500 daily bonus points for daily 75 clicks) and get 300 points from each referral by participating in their Affiliate Program. So you can get Free Points and Daily Bonus points as well. If you don’t have enough time you can buy points on AddMeFast.

AddMeFast homepage

#5. YouLikeHit

Just Like AddMeFast, YouLikeHit require you a register an account for free. You will get 50 free points after registration and then you can get free points by liking or following others page and profile and promote unlimited accounts . You will get 300 Points for every person that joins YouLikeHits and becomes an active member. Also you can buy points from this website starting from 10 USD for 1500 points to 400 USD for 150 000 points.

Youlikehit buying option

Method 2: Sign up and get soundcloud plays free trial bonus

Use this method if you do not have enough time to earn point on social media exchange services. You can get free soundcloud plays trial but you need to buy packages after that. Some website provide you soundcloud plays free trial without credit card required such as Boost your soundcloud.

#1. Soundcloud HQ

Soundlcoud HQ This website is specific for soundcloud only and it is not social  media exchanges service. Upon registration an account you can get 250 free soundcloud plays and after this you need to buy services in order to get more soundcloud plays. In order to get free soundcloud plays you need to go to this link and then move to section “Claim your 250 plays” and input your name, email, soundcloud profile link and soundcloud track link. For buying option, there are four packages you can choose: basic, starter, standard and advance, the price ranges from 7.49 USD to 39.99 USD.

soundcloud hq trial form

#2. SC SuperFans

SC superfans During sign up with this website, they will provide you 500 real free soundcould plays. You just input your email and your song URL and then click on button “Get My 500 Free soundcloud Plays”. They will send you a confirmation email and you need to go into your email and click on confirmation. They have two main traffic sources: #1. Their private network, they will post your song  to their network of over 500 websites, blogs, social media pages & web 2.0 profiles and #2. CPV advertising, using the top CPV (cost-per-view) advertising networks, targeted traffic to your song. For buying option, you can either choose the package option and pay them for monthly service.

Get 500 soundcloud play free


BuyCPlays Here you can get 1000 Free soundcloud plays trial by just submitting your name, your email, your soundcloud username and your track link to promote. After the trial you need to pay. They provide you four option ranges from 3 USD to 20 USD.

1000 Free soundcloud plays trial

#4. Boost Your Soundcloud

Boost Your Soundcloud. Provide you 60 soundcloud plays free trial. The best part is that you can try without credit card required. The paying package start from 1 USD to 10 USD only.

Boost your soundcloud

#5. Soundcloud plays

SoundCloud Plays. You can get a trial of 500 free soundcloud plays. After this you need to buy the service. The price ranges from 11.29 USD to 112.99 USD

soundcloud play

In conclusion you can use both methods mentioned above to increase soundcloud plays free, and you also have option to pay or not to pay to increase trafffic to your soundcloud track.

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