George Michael’s Hidden Secret Is Making Fans Extra Tearful

By now you’ve all heard the tragic news that George Michael died over the Christmas holiday. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer. He died peacefully in his home of heart failure according to his manager Michael Lippman. But he was 53, and a lot of his devoted fans and fellow musicians are heartbroken over the fact that they’ve lost such an incredible talent and a selfless hero. Oh yes! He wasn’t just a famous musician, he was kind and generous to people and charities. So as we mourn the loss of this beautiful man, let’s look back at some of the things that will make him live in our hearts forever. Following are some hidden secrets revealed after dying of George Michael.

The 80s pop icon made waves in the music industry over the past couple of decades.

When he sang, his fans felt his love deep in their souls. But on Christmas Day, the music had stopped and he sang no more.

George Michae Sings on a stage
Source: AFP

As you can imagine, words of shock and sadness spread across social media when the news of his death was announce.

But it wasn’t long before people learned that there was a whole other side to George Michael that he had kept a secret for years.

George Michael is Gay
Source: Wham

We already knew he was awesome. After all, he helped a generation realize that it was okay to be gay.

But it turns out that he was also a generous soul who didn’t just make money, he also gave it away too.

George Michael is a gay
Source: Rex Feature

Most of us would never consider giving away £25,000 to a total stranger. But George Michael was no ordinary man. So when he saw someone suffering, he gave, and gave, and gave. George Michael gave money way to stranger When most people ask that you keep their secret, it’s because it’s usually something dark and hideous. But George Michael was so damn humble that he didn’t want word to get around that he secretly volunteered his time at a homeless shelter. George Michael offer poor people Children had a special place in his heart, especially needy ones. So he was more than happy to save a charity dedicated to helping kids out. Imagine how many children who were helped by this small unnamed charity owe their well being to George Michael. George Michael loves children According to one of the NHS nurses who had been blessed by George Michael’s kindness, someone by the name of Ranjani Kendrick said that they had the time of their lives in such a vibrant atmosphere that was his concert. George Michael offer free ticket for his concert There was a reason why George Michael was so generous to those NHS nurses. They had cared for his late mother so well that he threw them a free concert in north London back in 2006. Nurse Susan Steadman said that the way George Michael said thank you made them all feel special. George Michael give free ticket to nurses There are a lot of waitresses out there that are going to regret not having had the chance to serve George Michael at a restaurant or diner given that he was known for being a very big tipper. Clearly, he appreciated how underpaid barmaids often are and that it’s only a temporary job while they try to find a way to move on to bigger and better things. Waitress regrets George Michael George Michael also loved making life a little easier for disabled adults and those who have disabled children. Clearly, this man’s generosity was infinite. George Michael support disable children and adults He didn’t care if he gambled all of his money away when he appeared on the popular game show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Since he was already playing for charity, he was willing to pay whatever difference he lost out of his own pocket. George Michael play game with his own pocket

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