George Michael’s Hidden Secret Is Making Fans Extra Tearful

When George Michael released the single, “I want Your Sex”, in 1987, a lot of radios in the UK and the U.S. refused to play it.

But some radio stations found a way to tone the song down by playing another version called “I Want Your Love”. But that didn’t stop the song from reaching the U.S. charts top 40 songs back in the day. I Want Your Sex Georg Michael

No one can argue that he was an amazing human being as well as a talent.

But if you walked by him on the street, he appeared to be an ordinary guy with an ordinary life, which is probably how he managed to be so charitable with his money and his time without being noticed.

George Michael with his dog
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There were rumors that Lady Diana allegedly had the hots for George Michael back when he was part of the band “Wham!”

But a 2014 autobiography also claimed that eight-year-old Prince Harry overheard his mom tell someone that it was a shame that he didn’t like the ladies. It’s important to note that at the time, George Michael had not publicly come out about his sexuality, but he clearly trusted Lady Di with his secret.

George Michael with lady Diana
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George Michael’s “Wham!” bandmate Andrew Ridgeley was devastated by the news of his passing.

Although the band itself had dissolved decades ago, Ridgeley admitted that they had remained close friends. Now even though Michael is no longer with us, Ridgeley claims that the late singer has left the best of himself for us… his music. George Michael with Andrew Ridgeley

George Michael had an amazing stage presence and an even more amazing voice.

But in 2011, a throat problem almost ended his career. He had contracted pneumonia and had to get a tube inserted into his neck, which could have wrecked his voice box and ended his career. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and we were fortunate enough to listen to his voice for a few more years before his untimely death. Amazing Stage presence in 2011 by George Michael

Celebs and fans alike have come together to mourn this gay rights champion.

Although his songs have become the most requested through streaming services over Christmas, the man himself is gone forever and fans are left with a hole in their hearts. But they’ve continued to post inspiring stories about the late singer and they’ve even gathered outside his home in Highgate, North London, to pay their final respects. Funeral of George Michael

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