Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t feature hardware keys – Rumors

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8 “3D touch-like functionality”

Samsung Galaxy S8 with touch-like functionality

It seems like almost every year. Just before the next big Galaxy release — the same rumors regarding the phone’s hardware/design begin making the rounds. This time is about the 3D touch-like functionality on Samsung Galaxy S8.

We’re once again hearing that Samsung could finally be parting ways with their long standing capacities keys for the upcoming Galaxy S8. Choosing instead to go with “3D touch-like functionality” onscreen buttons feature. The difference between this and the iPhone is that this opens up the prospect of customizable navigation buttons on the Galaxy S8. Ultimately bring the phone up to speed with the customized software experiences offered by HTC or even LG.

This latest rumor could corroborate one we heard earlier this month. They said that  Samsung  is finally moving away from the physical home button (and headphone jack). Possibly even going with a fingerprint sensor hidden underneath the display. If true, the Galaxy S8 could have an greatly small bottom bezel. Something that should help with keeping the overall size of the phone down.

Samsung galaxy S8 with small bottom bezel

We should remark that the rumor may not have much legs to stand on as tweeted by Android Police’s David Ruddock who said he’s only passing on information he’s heard from an unnamed source. So, as in year’s past, presume this one with a giant handful of salt, but we’re really crossing our fingers that Samsung wows us with some cool new tech at next year’s Mobile World Congress.

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