Seven Nonverbal Signs during First Dates

Questioning what he is thinking on your first date?

Look at these nonverbal marks that will prompt you understand.

First dates are constantly fun, exciting and awkward, starting from dressing up and preparing up to waiting for the response to the very big interrogation whether he is going to call back or will he ask for a second date.

Well, if you learn the intent of some nonverbal actions he is showing on your first date, at that time you will presumably perceive the response.

  1. Looking everywhere

This demonstrates signs of boredom. He is not merely not interested in your discussion; he is more interested in his surroundings or he needs to get out of the date as soon as possible. This is a mark that there is no future date with him that will take place.

  1. Hands are folded

This generally means that he is withholding his thoughts and not being entirely honest with you. He doesn’t want to uncover things and his thoughts and he needs to be in rule of the condition.

  1. Extending his hand on the table

In the case that he is lengthening his hand over the table or grasping hands with you, it indicates that he is indeed into you, possibly he is interested in you or he likes you. You have a great opportunity of landing with him and he really likes you a lot. It is a positive mark for more romantic times with him within the future.

  1. Always facing and looking at his phone

If he is routinely checking his phone, attending calls and messages, in this case he is really not worth your time since he has a lot more very important things to do rather than having a date with you. It can indicate that he is bored as well and his phone is much more interesting than you. This can be a mark that there will be no second date with him.

  1. Smiling and listening attentively

This plainly shows that he is interested in you and he likes your company. He pays attention in your conversation and would look forward to another meeting and have a date with you once again. It is a positive sign for you to have another date with him.

  1. Leaning forward towards you

This specifically signify that he is motivated towards you and is quite interested in you and needs to hear more from you. He would love to have more discussions with you. He is clearly interested in you and would truly need to see you again. This is a very good indication for a future date with him certainly in a minute.

  1. Brushing hair using hands

Both women and men have a behavior of stroking their own hair or playing with their hair. This is an indication of blushing or being shy. It is a charming gesture and shows profound interest in you or maybe what you said really made him blush or conscious. It could also be that he wants to look fantastic in front of you. This can be a good mark that he likes you and he is interested in you.

Nonverbal signs for first dates
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