The Secrets of Great Relationship

What is the mystery of discovering a real friend or lover? The Secret of Great Relationships? By the word “true” I principally want to say a relationship free of manipulation and ego based behaviors.

The first of all things that comes in mind is move towards the mindset of “giving”. Provide yourself, your thoughts and your real responses. I’m certain that you have apprehended this phrase a thousand times in videos and blog posts however you have not succeeded to do so. First “failing” is necessary, it implies that you are attempting to re-approach yourself by a different angle. Having said that, the saying “I failed” is more presumably to be substituted with “I am moving closer to my goals” since you attempt to find a solution inwards. If you successively searching outwards then I invite you to search yourself first. How can you right carry out that?

A great book

The first approach is to determine your values. Most people always say that they have values however if you impose them to simplify them and provide a straight answer about their first and foremost value, they are not able to do so. There’re many exceptional books on that matter, I suggest you to read “Awaken the Giant Within”. Anthony Robbins will conduct you extremely well in the majority of crucial matters and provide you tools to explore and change your value system. Exploring one’s values is very important for those who try fulfillment and awareness via relationships.

Experience things clearly

The second approach is the one preferred of mine. Meditation. Whilst all this stimulus and distracting life that most of us participate in, it’s compulsory to invest certain time minding to your thoughts, exploring your breathing and see things a little clearer through practice and patience. Practice meditation and you’ll can retract yourself from a contemporary circumstance and sometimes put less (emotional) magnitude in a condition that really frustrates you.

Give yourself to the fullest

We live in a globe in which “Trust must be acquired”. Unconsciously or consciously we are doubting towards each other. We don’t fully signify ourselves to others, since we might get heart. Just like the last time we opened ourselves to a person who overtook our trust and betrayed us. The first response of many people surrounding us are that of doubt, and we receive suspicion and doubt as well. We need to escape from the pain of an upcoming betrayal, as a result we do not open our body and mind to the rest of the world and expect that we will find a true friend or lover. How can you have admirable feelings with people who interest you, when you are willing to provide a small portion of who you are? You cannot, you merely have to let go all the internal discourse that you have been building for years and open yourself, show the vulnerabilities you have. No man or woman can lean on you when you hide your fears.

As you see there are more than one secret of discovering admirable relationships, we just covered a small part. Everything starts with the relationship you have with YOURSELF.

The secret of great relationships
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