Until Dawn (PS4) Review

Today I am going to write Until Dawn PS4 game review

Until Dawn PS4 game review


So in the last week or so I have had the chance to sit down and play Sony’s exclusive PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn. A game that chases some teenagers. As they get their way to a cabin on a mountain for a fun and action loaded weekend with their friends. Yet this mountain is not what it seems and when you arrive. You are thrust into a tour of epic and terrifying proportions. Get your way through this terrifying experience while you are steadily on the edge of your chair seeing whether or not everyone will die or who will be left standing. In a sense, this game is very identical to the cabin in the woods horror movies. That will come out in the movie theater every once in a while, but where this game be unlike is an excellent story with great character development. Let us now look at what some of the negatives and positives of the game are.

Until Dawn PS4 Hot Scence


There are many things to love about this game. One thing in distinctive I enjoyed was the good use of quick time events that allowed you to help decide where you were going in the story. To append onto that, it was monumental to see a game where the decisions you make actually make a distinction in the all told story. For instance if something happens one way, you will not be able to see a particular section of the story. If you do something another way, you may happen upon something you may not normally see. The whole branching of story lines was greatly well done. They also provides tremendous replay value. So if you were wondering if this game is cost the tariff of $60 dollars, it absolutely is. Another thing I personally enjoyed about the game was the overall aesthetics. While redering the game you feel about completely immersed in what is going on. If you look a way for one second, you endanger something bad turning out.

Ashely and Chris Kiss Scence Until Dawn
Ashely and Chris Kiss Scence Until Dawn


It is hard to pinpoint any specific problems with the game. It ran very well and I never distinguished any dips in frame rate or anything of that nature. If I were to mention anything, I would state that in mid chapters there were recaps similar to television shows that you were not able to skim over. For some people, it would be delightful to just add a simple skip option if you are replaying a chapter and don’t want to watch that every cycle.

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Overall Until Dawn is everything you would want in a horror game and more. Blending an immerse and beautiful environment with a great story and fantastic character development. In my book, this game be worthy of a 9.5/10, characterizing an overall fantastic game.

Until Dawn Review

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