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The Angkor Wat Temple is one of the most favorite tourist fascinations in Cambodia. People from worldwide voyage to Cambodia to see this temple in Angkor Wat in all of the glory it contains. The temple is really a look into the phenomenal history of this nation’s past. The temple was primary built in the 12th century as the first temple for the legendary king Suryavarman II. Many temples have been built during the era were destroyed thanks to the ravages of time. This’s one of the several ideally preserved temples that still last in the modern day. The Angkor Wat Temple isn’t a temple that reflects only one single religion. It impersonates the universal advantages of all religions and its inclusiveness has turn a nation symbol. That’s why the temple of Angkor Wat rises on the nation’s national flag.

Sun rises at Angkor wat
Sun rises at Angkor wat (Photo Credit)

The origin of this temple was to respect the Khmer cosmos’ caretaker Vishu. The Angkor Wat Temple was primary intended as a means of signifying the center of the universe. Once again, this’s somewhat figurative since most travelers will visit from all around the world to view the temple. In a way, this converts it the center of Cambodia’s sightseeing universe or sorts. Precisely, it’s more than just a sightseeing stop as it’s a stunning example of the artistry that has gone into the architecture of its creation as well. The minute someone sees this temple for their first time, the sheer brilliance of its visual imagery turns overwhelming.

This’s the most proof in the outside of the Angkor Wat Temple. The temple is encircled by a walled structure which itself is surrounded by a canal. This may sound like a medieval castle however the look is far more inviting and stimulating as opposed to ominous. Whereas you do enter the interior of this temple, you’ll see a series of chapels, galleries and ponds. The latter chapels are furthermore intended as homages to Vishu. Once again, these structures are all unique in their look and design and still look as stunning today as they were when initially built. This’s thanks in huge part to the tremendous work done to assure it has been properly maintained.

Angkor View from Above
Angkor View from Above (Photo Credit)

One of the most unique appearances of the Angkor Wat Temple is the King’s throne. Absolutely, if it wasn’t for King Suryavarman II the whole temple would not be alived. While there are many varied models of items that respect the king to be found in this temple, it’s the throne that can be reflected one of the most magnificent. It really captures the spirit of the leader in a brilliant manner. Intrinsically, the continued presence of his legendary throne is very appropriate. It’s also something that’s very interesting to examine which is another plus to visiting this temple.

Angkor Wat Temple
Angkor Wat Temple

There is so much singular to look at this temple of Angkor Wat that it might not even be possible to do so in one single visit. This is fine because the temple is open throughout the year and making two trips on your same visit will give duplicate the rewarding feeling. Once again, this’s one of the most unique tourist sympathies in Cambodia and in worldwide. As such, visiting the temple is highly advised for any traveler to the land.

Tourist visit Angkor Wat
Tourist visit Angkor Wat

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