Weirdest Things You Can Buy on the Internet

#11. Cow dung, elephant poop, or gorilla sh*t are all available to ship online, should you want to bestow someone with the pleasure.

Elephant poop online

#12. It seems simple, but it’s also kind of great: You can ship a ball to someone online. It can even come with a personalized message on the front. Hey, why not?

Ship ball online

#13. Celebrity appearances are something you can definitely buy on the internet..if and only if you have the bargain. The next time you’re annoyed, try Googling how much it would cost for your fave celeb to come to your party.

Celebrity Appearances

#14. If you feel like being threatening without precisely going to jail, hold off on throwing a brick through someone’s window and just give them one through the mail instead.

Threatening someone through email

#15. If you feel like sending someone a little bit of island flair, why not send them a coconut? Whereas coconuts are considered self-contained, you don’t even have to package it: Just slap on a label and go.

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