Weirdest Things You Can Buy on the Internet

#16. If you know someone who’s prone to squeamishness, try sending them trypophobia in the mail: For just $9.99, one website will send a creepy picture (covered in holes, of course) to the enemy of your choosing.

Creepy hand

#17. Yes, there is a website that allows you to send a box of literally nothing, for when you simply don’t have anything to say.

 Blank Email

#18. For the odd price of $23.47, you can send your enemy a fake STD testing kit, which will embarrass the hell out of them should someone intercept it.

Fake STD Test

#19. At, you can send someone a bag of gummy dicks.. because why wouldn’t you?

Gummy Dick

#20. Ultimately, the holy grail of weird internet send-offs: The Jart. Yes, it’s a fart in a jar.. need we say more?


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