What to talk about on a first date (and what not to talk about)

Today I’m going to tell you what to talk about on the first date. What do you talk about first date? How can you convey your awesomeness through talking? Here’s the big rule about first dates. Everything surrounding the date, especially talking, needs to be fun, happy and sexy. Remember this number one rule. We will come back to this. But first let’s start off the list of stuff that you shouldn’t talk about on the first date.

Nº 1: Do not talk about your ex-girlfriend, your past break up or your divorce. This is not the time nor the place. Remember our big rule? There’s nothing fun about breakups. It didn’t solve at the last one, which sucks, but those aren’t the first things you should be talking about with the girl you just met. Keep the ex-conversation to a minimum until you have at least a few more dates.

Nº 2: Politics and Religion. Do your best to stay away from sensitive topics. This break the big rule. In general, there’s nothing sexy connected with politics or religion. There is an exception. If politics or religion define who you are, maybe it’s your duty, maybe you’re a religious person then fine, I comprehend. You’re maybe screening for someone who has similar interests but if none of that describes you then stay away.

Nº3: Don’t talk about your problems. Listen, we all have issues and nobody is excellent but a first date is not the time to discuss those. Back to the big rule, keep things happy. If you start speaking about how you’re stressed out at work or your mom is always nagging you, then you’re going to be marked as a complainer your stress is gonna prompt her stress and now you’re making a bad impression. Okay, fairly about what you shouldn’t be talking about let me tell you what you should talk about on the first date.

Here’s a quick catalogue: passions, hobbies and interests. What does she do for frolic? What is she interested in? What are you interested in? What’s your favorite music and movies? Family background. Interrogate her about her brothers and sisters, where she grew up and what it was like. Your professions, what do you both do for a living. The date itself, how’s the food, and good people watching, what’s continuing around you that you can comment on? Interesting somethings you’ve done over the year. Have you voyaged anywhere cool lately, been to any trifling concerts? Have any funny or weird stories to yield?

If you haven’t seen a type, you have to let me help you out. The more you’ve done with your life and the more you have going for you will make an easier first date whereas you love interesting things to talk about. Go ahead and post a comment down below if you have interesting stories or questions that you guys ask on a first date. I want to hear them.

What to talk about on a first date (and what not to talk about)
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